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Default First time hookah buyer, any tips? suggestions?

Hi everyone. I've been smoking hookah at lounges infrequently for a few years now and have finally decided to buy a hookah for the casa.

I have come to realize that there is a great variety in the types hookah available, and their attachments, ect... and so I'm somewhat at a loss.
But here's what I'm working with; I want to spend between $100-$200, preferably 2 hoses but I'm flexible on how many hoses it has, the biggest issue with me is it being durable and have a good/easy pull. I'd like it to be pretty easy to clean too.
Looks aren't that important, although it would be nice to get a good hookah that looks better then decent.
Any suggestions? I'd like to hear from those who've been around hookah for awhile and have been through a few different ones and could enlighten me on the pitfalls of hookah shopping.
Below is the hookah that is at my local shop I was thinking about getting, except it's 120.00 and has three hoses instead of the one, anyone have any experience with this kind?:

Thanks in advance for any advice it is appreciated
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