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Default Re: First time hookah buyer, any tips? suggestions?

Thanks for all your responses so far.

This is to Paulk and Demonix: thanks guys and both of those hookahs look much better then the other ones I've been looking at in stores... I gotta few questions....
I'm assuming this is a hookah you own or have tryed? If you own it how long have you had it?
Have you had any problems with it? Would they need any add ons or upgrades as far as the hoses(or any other part) are concerned?

Thank you Abu Ronin for the link, I read that before hand. And it does clear things up a bit, but I'm still looking for more info.

This is to anyone who'll anwser; Anyone have any good tips about inspecting a hookah in a store? whats good to look out for? what would be complete deal breakers, that would identify a piece of crap?

Are there any brands that you really can't go wrong with? Any brands to completley avoid at all costs?

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