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Default Re: First time hookah buyer, any tips? suggestions?

Try not to get anything that is chinese, it usually made of crap quality and will break down quickly, except mya's

for a easy draw theys no easier then egyptian hookahs theyfore KM's Mz's will be a good choice

For durability i would suggest a syrian or mya

And for easy of clean in my experiance nothing cleans easier then a mya

But Km's/mya's/ syrian's are all high quality hookahs, and will all smoke really well if set up right

And the difference in them are minimal, but i would suggest getting a hookah that looks good to you and post a link and someone will tell you how it is.

Try not buying from smoke shops if you dont really know much bout the hookah as it might be a piece of crap, try ordering online and post a link of it here

As for muti-hose hookahs they are more hassle then worth so your better of getting a single hose and passing it round.

And for the a great smoking experience getting a washable pipe and mayb a phunnel/vortex

Il get you started on some good hookahs
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