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Default Re: ???how to video review

you need a camera of some fashion. web cam or camcorder (most of which can be used as webcams)

if you use a web cam you can have your pc record teh video and if your using reguler cam you can upload it from the cam after your done shooting, most cams have software that will do that for you but if not you just plug the usb(or if you have a fancy one the firewire) cable into the computer and it will come up as a hard drive, if your cam uses a tape instead of digital media make sure its able to transfer via cable to a pc first.

hit record and review, when your done and have it out to your computer you will need to do some minor editing, by which i mean adding the hookahpro intro which can be found on the forums(forget where) if your using windows and havnt gotten any software dont worry windows movie maker is installed automaticly you can use that(i beilive mac has something similure however im not sure what its called), its a drag and drop system, just open your movie file and then open the intro and drop the intro infront of the movie, save that and upload, you can upload though youtube following hteir instructions.

now if your cam uploads movies as a strang filetype that nothing reconizes you can simply type that filetype into google and then type converter after it and find something that works, check youtube for which filetypes you need.

in a nut shell thats the process, i do plan on writting a step by step guide and doing a video on how to do it when i get my camera (by the way if anyone knows where i can get a good camcorder digital under 100 bucks pm me, perferably able to webcam) if this guide is vauge i apologize i just woke up and have to pee like a mofo,

best of luck. if you dont understand anything just ask and ill try to claerify.
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