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Default Re: flavors of tobacco

I guess what to smoke depends on what you like. If you basically want candy like tastes SB seems the way to go although lots of other candy like stuff is around that costs less. For natural fruit flavours layalina, AF, Al Amir and Tangiers Blueberry are great choices. If you like complex, bold fruit flavours Afzal is a good choice. For complex herbal/spice flavours you can't beat Afzal Pan. When you want subtle fruit flavours with complex after tastes Salloum is the way to go ( and cheap as well) while for natural honey flavours Al Waha and Hookah-Hookah are your best bets. In terms of natural licorice tastes (not the candy stuff or simply anise) AF's Ark Sous is wonderful whereas Afzal's Black Liqorice is better if you want a stronger, less complex taste.

In terms of natural tobacco tastes not much is around in the states. I'd suggest H-H Cavendish if you want something mellow and complicated. For full, heavy flavour Zaghloul is your best bet and and for something mid way between the two go with Salloum plain. Note that the methods for smoking these kinds of product is not the same as typical modern stuff but YOU SHOULD NOT PUT THE COALS DIRECTLY ON THE SHISHA!

Hope this helps.
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