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Default Re: Starbuzz > Al Fakher

Originally Posted by hsilman View Post
I've found that no brand is particular consistent over what people say is "better". While some brands are consistently crappy, most brands have a flavor or a few flavors that someone likes. When it comes to stuff like SB, Nahkla, AF fights, I think they all have their merits.

I've only tried SB on a handful of occasions, and it's usually very sweet. However, when it comes to nakhla and AF, I honestly can't tell the difference in "quality", but of course I still prefer some flavors over others.

My roomate loves double apple, and while I'll smoke it with him, I'm not a fan. it tastes like black liqourice. As to the topic at hand, I would have hoped that every flavor is a knocout considering how much more expensive SB is than AF, but that's not the case. It's going to just be personal preference.
Double apple tastes like licorice because there is Anise in it which is the licorice flavor fyi.

I prefer SB over AF any day. I was hoping on getting a new shipment of it soon but since I'm moving to Cali on aug 10th shipping will be cheaper there and also I don't need to pack it with me XP SB flavor always lasts me a great amount of time. I love this stuff =]
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