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Default Re: Worst 'spilt the coals' story?

my worst was when using a 3k coal, it literaly exploded, my having long hair had a serious concern the carpet didnt help, so as part of my carpet melted away and the smell of burning hell smelled the room i used the hookah vase to put coal in my hair out and my hands to get what the water missed on the floor and my chair. not to much dmg but def an adrenlin rush and a few burns. normally i have an exstiguisher close by but i wasnt in the mood to shoot myself in the head with a fire exstigusher...ive had some coals pop but this one just went balistic idk why.
in the end some of my hair got burned, carpet looked bad coutch has a few holes shirt was totaled and my pants cought a few good sized peices, so a good amount of the left leg doesnt exsist, also the room smelled really bad for a week.and a few 1st degree burns.
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