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Question Introduction and a few questions of course.

Howdy folks

I'm on the tail end of an Iraq deplyoment. I'm in Kuwait now waiting on the admins to get their !@#! straight and put me a flight. I boughta few hookas from the "hajishops" as we call them over. I had a chance to buy a zanobia hooka but it sold before I was able to purchase it. I'll my best to describe it. It had a "glass/crytal mid section. That section had camels "etched into it. The base was clear glass/crystal. the rest was a stainless/crome looking fisnish. I assume it was metal. Sorry for the long post but it means a lot to me to bring it home to my wife. any online shops sell zanobia. I burned up the better part of a morning using google... Thanks in advance for any help.
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