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Default Re: Salloum (Taste like Cigar, NOT CIGS!)

Hahaha, yea, it was quite an experience but I would never smoke it again. Cause like I mention before, the buzz, makes me seriously sleepy plus with our warm climate, I'm sweating.

About the setting, it doesn't have one, no, you just put the tobacco and there you go, that's your setting, bottoms up my friend. XD!

About the smoke, don't expect it to be like our typical flavoured tobacco, this thing isn't really that wet, just moist. So the smoke is pretty much similar when you are smoking a cigarette or cigar. Its not harsh either just too dry when you inhale too much of it.

Overall, this is recommended for people who loves buzz and nothing but the buzz. The arabs loves it and they claim its for MEN while they say flavoured tobacco is for woman. Damn!
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