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Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
nakhla is my standard,

margarita is good, a bit more candyish than i usually like but its nice. the mandrin is good but i found it has more of a bite from the flavor compared to orange but tastes almost identical (with orange being a bit stronger but smoother).

the biggest issue with nakhla people have is that they just pull a bit off the brick that comes out of the bag, you need to pull it out of all the packaging, put it in a sandwich bag and mix it up and break it up well, other than that its good to go


I pack it like Tangiers. I store it like Tangiers. Put it in some polypropolene (sp?) containers and spread it out. These containers will usually have the number 5 in the middle of the recycling symbol on the container. Anything elese usually imparts a scent or absorbs flavoring.
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