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Default Re: going to turkey need help

1. what hookahs do they have in turkey
Turkish hookahs are actually very detailed nicely made hookahs that come in full steel, brass and ceramic, with a variety of base materials. I am not educated on brands but I can tell you that you wouldnt be dissapointed.

2. are there KM hookahs in turkey?
Who knows, if you are there, why waste an opportunity to get something unique, you can get a KM anywhere these days.

3. how do i know its a good hookah
Touch it, pickit up, judge the weight, look at the welds, see if they will let you do a dry pull on one (not setup, but just to test how restrictive the flow is). if it works for you, then its a good hookah.

4. hookah should i buy there
not sure of the question...but get a turkish one.

5. where do they have hookah shops?
check out the larger markets and the tourist areas, if you go to a cafe or restaurant that has hookah on the menu, ask the owner of a good shop to go to, remember to be proactive when finding one.


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