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Default Re: Nakhla Mizo Mint

Originally Posted by myka View Post
Nakhla mint tastes like a cigarette, pure crap.
normal mint is like menthol, if you dont like that you wont like it, but i like it

Originally Posted by D-Szlos View Post
Mizo mint isnt too strong, i smoke it straight on a regular basis. Its like a cough drop sensation in the throat, many of my friends think its freaky at first and then begin to enjoy it after a few sessions.
when i first tried mizo i was disappointed, just not what i wanted from a mint (then again i eat peppermint altoids by the can so maybe my taste buds are not like others)

Originally Posted by necco View Post
Mizo mint is my bar none favourite shisha flavour. Sure it smells really fuckin weird but regardless.
honestly it smells slightly like the AF ketchup, no where near as bad but it has a hit of that, at least my box does, maybe i got a bad box

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