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Default starbuzz blue mist vs starbuzz fuzzy naval

ok so yesterday i got my shisha order in and i decided to try starbuzz blue mist and fuzzy naval... the way im going to score this is out of 12.. 4 for flavor/smell 4 for smoke quantity, and 4 for buzz this is how it added up

blue mist
Flavor/smell :2 ( strong smell, smelled great outa the can.. smoke flavor let me down.. more menthol tasting than i expected

smoke quality/quantity: 3 good smoke at the start.. started to wear off 45 minutes through the session

buzz : 4.. huge buzz.. no comparison not even nakhla
__________________________________________________ ______________

Fuzzy Naval

Flavor/smell : 3.. smell was a bit light but very enticing.. flavor tasted almost exactly like it smelled but a little on the light side

smoke quality quantity : 4 huge clouds, very impressive

buzz: 3... good buzz but not that of the huge blue mist vibe i was gettin yesterday

__________________________________________________ _____________
blue mist = 9
Fuzzy Naval = 10

just thought id let you guys know about two great shishas
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