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Default Re: Introduction and a few questions of course.

I'm at camp virginia one day then off some other corner of this shithole on excort duty. My seldom ever seen cot/tent in at camp virginia. It's about 15 minutes from ali. I'll be here for a few more weeks.
I really liked the look of the hooka I saw in Iraq. More than likely the glass work was done by zanobia group. i did some more research and they do ceremics and glass type stuff. Some one more than likely bought the base and middle section and slapped some parts together. Who knows what haji's up to over there sometimes. I'm not looking to smoke out of this one. It's going to be a corner a piece in my living room. So if its alum or steele or brass I could care less it's just a show peice. I bought some others that are for smoking. I'll Shop around for better parts and rebuild it when and if I find it. I'll save it for holidays and special occcasions etc. The way things are looking I'll end up bulding my own anyway. Or at least buying the parts separately.

I'll take a look at the syrian hookas and the mya's. That picture of the zanobia hooka doesnt look at all like the one I saw in Iraq btw. I just hoped with the world wide web at my finger tips I could makea post and some one would say "oh yeah you can find that at" and presto there it is.
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