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Default Re: AL fakher strawberry Sucks !

Originally Posted by Th3DonDada View Post
Yeah, I hear you on that one, AF strawberry sucks because it was the flavor that almost made me quit hookah. SO horrible. It was like a creamy wafer but a tinge of plastic taste made it so unbearable. I tend to avoid strawberry flavors in general except for nakhla strawberry which is pretty good and enjoyable but it's not like a real fresh strawberry though.
Exactly! I bought a 50 gram box of it a while back. Not pleasant whatsoever. Tastes like plastic.

I don't recall it tasting like THAT in 2007. AF sure has freaking changed. Im so ticked off on how much the brand has changed over the last 2 years.

AF was always my go-to brand. Now, the only flavor I trust now is the mint.
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