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Default Narghiles in Combat

I've been spending some time talking with a long time business associate that resides in the lovely Cyprian town of Kyrenia and heard some interesting stuff about narghiles in combat. Basically it came up because we both are narghile fans although my associate was raised with them during his formative years in Lebanon. We also share a commonality in that we both were stupid enough to spend too much of our life in "the profession of arms" and so when mentioned a little about his time fighting with some Christian militia during the '80s we got to talking. I recalled that someone posted a video here of militiamen taking time out from combat to enjoy a smoke and so I ask him about the matter.

Apparently smoking a narghile and fighting at the same time isn't as surreal and as rare as I assumed. Apparently that sort of thing is fairly common during some skirmishes which shows a devil may care attitude, a genuine love of the narghile which may only be interupted during times of extreme hardship or something else that I can't put my finger on.

Anyway, just a wierd observation about this hobby of ours.
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