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Default Got My KM Finally!!

tWell I my KM arrived by FedEx about an hour ago.. I ordered from HoboHookah, but My Hookah was shipped from Hookah Co. so they must use them as a supplier.. either way it's here. I opened up the box and inspected every piece with excitement, that was until I got to the Base, well the base does have some chipped glass at the top of the neck right below where the grommet would seat, and also has some bubbling in the glass, other than that all is well. I must say the welds are pretty good and not all that noticeable on my km, the Metal on the stem does have a few marks, and dings but that's part of having a handmade stem!! (nothing to cry about though) the Tri-Metal looks amazing, I used the supplied cleaning brushes and cleaned the stem really well as well as the hose port, that thing was nice a and dirty. Included with my hookah was a nice KM greeen hose, looks nice (a little shorter than my Mya hoses) but will do the job nicely, I got a standard egyptian clay bowl, probably won't use it but for a backup bowl. it aslo came with a bunch of hose tips, a screen and and the cheapest set of tongs ever. My bearing in the purge was nice and rusty, good thing i have some spares lying around that worked. As far as my Base goes I contacted Hookah Company after my inspection and they are sending me a Replacement Base so all is good now.. Great customer service on there part. I can't wait to smoke this thing. oh yeah I put up some pics for your enjoyment
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