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Default Nakhla Packing

(if you dont want to hear my story and just want to get to my question look at the 3rd paragraph, the 2nd paragraph is how I packed my bowl)

I might be in some trouble if I don't figure this out. I just bought some Nakhla mizo peach from my local shop, and when I got home I put it in a air tight container, picked out most of the tree trucks.

I packed my bowl, gave it a good mix then just drop little bits in the bowl, then I did give it a tight pack dow but not a super hard pack, I had 3 coconaras on my vortex and 5-6 drags were fine, then it happend....IT BURNED!!!

This is where you guys come into play, what do you nakhla hooligans do when it comes to packing your bowl?

I need to get it right because I orderd a wholeee bunch of nakhla and I don't want it to go to waste.
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