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Originally Posted by DanyalAkkaya View Post
(if you dont want to hear my story and just want to get to my question look at the 3rd paragraph, the 2nd paragraph is how I packed my bowl)

I might be in some trouble if I don't figure this out. I just bought some Nakhla mizo peach from my local shop, and when I got home I put it in a air tight container, picked out most of the tree trucks.

I packed my bowl, gave it a good mix then just drop little bits in the bowl, then I did give it a tight pack dow but not a super hard pack, I had 3 coconaras on my vortex and 5-6 drags were fine, then it happend....IT BURNED!!!

This is where you guys come into play, what do you nakhla hooligans do when it comes to packing your bowl?

I need to get it right because I orderd a wholeee bunch of nakhla and I don't want it to go to waste.
HOLY CRAP there were trucks in your tobacco?!

but seriously, just pack it loose and make sure it doesn't touch the foil and start with 2 cocos. i don't like cocos personally, they burn too hot. if 2 is not enough, try three on the very edge of the bowl in a triangle pattern.
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