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Originally Posted by DanyalAkkaya View Post
Would a eygptian bowl work better for nakhla? and would 2 coconaras be good for a egyptian bowl or should I cut some in half and use windcovers.

I only used 3 cocos on the vortex because I saw bradedups' reviews on nakhla and he used 3 cocos and sometimes a windcover so I just gave it a shot with 3coals and no windcover and it didnt work out so well.

I would give it another try but its already late and burning a new bowl of shisha killed my desire to start up a new bowl.
I smoked some Earl Grey out of a small egyptian bowl earlier and had 2 Shishaco coals with no windcover and it was producing good smoke and flavor. But like I said I always used 3 on a vortex and even the windcover sometimes and it was fine.
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