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Default Re: Syrian Hookahs

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
As to both being made from brass, not quite. Unless you specifically meant Egyptian brass, because they sell mostly the steel varieties here at least.

Egpytian Brass is great, I love it. I love Syrian brass more mainly because of the style, but as for differences in how good it smokes, there isnt really any, its just preference there. My Egyptian Full Brass Temsah is a heavy beast and scares Zeus, but it just doesnt do what my Syrian Brass does for me, preference in the end.

As for the head, yeah no big difference, especially since most syrians sold in the US have the male stem.

As for base, that depends on the hookahs you are looking at. Just because it is KM glass doesnt mean its good glass, and not all syrians come with good glass, in fact most sold in the US tend to have a "generic" base.

As for other differences to look for, the guages which will affect your pull. I don't like a wide open pull, i like a tad of resistance on my hookahs so its not a bad thing if it doesnt pour smoke out on its own to me.

Excellent info.... is there any more you could provide?

I am really trying to learn all I can. I am one of those people that takes an interest in something and learns everything possible about the subject.

At my age being cynical and sarcastic is just making small talk.
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