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Paul, basically what makes a Syrian narghile different (for the most part but not always) is the closed common smoke chamber, all brass either cast or drawn rather then spun as Egyptian rigs, a somewhat tighter draw then is the case with stuff from else where and a heavier construction. I am a firm believer that the closed common style smoke chamber results in a cooler, more dense and richer smoke and personally I want a slight resistance when I draw since it makes control over smoke quantity easier. It is my experience that drawn or cast all brass construction is more durable and gives better performance over the long term then the mixed spun stainless/brass methods used by the Epytians. As to glass PL is right that no one has a monopoly on fine glass work (meaning very thick, striation/bubble free and of uniform wall thickness) but I have found perfect glass to be more common to Syrian rigs then anything else.

As to Egyptian stuff well I've owned decent generics, a whole heap of KMs, an El Ashrey & a Shisha king. All of which are very good rigs. I do prefer the the style of Syrian products for the most part and my favorite rigs are Syrians. Still, the fact remains that the best of what Syria and Egypt have to offer are amazingly good so it's largely a personal preference.

In functional terms narghiles from Iran and Lebanon seem to share more in common with Syrian construction methods but again that is not a hard and fast rule but a generality. I have a couple of Iranian rigs and they are really amazing but they smoke Syrians so again it's a stylistic matter rather then a practical one.

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