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Default I Now Bow Down to Nakhla

I just had an amazing session with Nakhla...
I was smoking with a friend who had never smoked hookah and thought the things that we all hate about misconceptions about hookah and wanted to dazzle him with an amazing blend.
I did a mix of Nakhla Mandarin and HH Irish Cream hoping for a citrusy cream flavor. I did a 50/50 blend mix of the two and was at first "What the hell?! I can't taste the Irish Cream at all! This Mandarin is overpowering!"
After the QL went out I redid the bowl and rinsed out the stem and bowl very well and repacked the bowl. I did an 75/25 this time with the two flavors and the Mandarin was still very powerful and I could barely pull out the Irish Cream.
I'm a huge fan of Tangiers and have had a decent amount of Tangiers, but this was only my third or fourth time with Nakhla. I'm just absolutely amazing with the quality of the shisha for the price and how amazing the flavor and clouds are.
I am now stuck between the Tangiers bandwagon and Nakhla bandwagon honestly.
When I get a job and money I'm definitely going to get my hands on a lot more Nakhla.
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