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Default Re: I Now Bow Down to Nakhla

forget the bandwagons and just do what you want i love nakhla and it is my standard but tangiers holes a portion of my stash but its just more work, have to make sure its acclimated, acclimate if needed, do the special packing (using a lot of tobacco) etc etc. i like tangiers when i have people over so i just have to recoal and see people deal with buzzes but its just not worth my time or money for an everyday smoke

Originally Posted by MrFrosty View Post
It is funny how ppl seem to love Nakhla in the States, here in Germany, everybody who is is a passionate smoker, or thinks he knows shit, tends to hate Nakhla. I never had a bowl of Nakhla that was any good, and especially in comparison , I can't understand how anybody would pick Nakhla over Tangiers:P
i think part of the issue in germany is that yall have to moisture laws so the nakhla your getting probably is not as moist as the rest of us

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