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Default Re: More Desi Murli reviews please!

Since it seems a few more people are drifting into the wonderful world of full flavoured moassel i'll repost some guidelines for DM setup.

1) Mix 20-25grams of DM (depending upon the the size of the bowl you use) with 5g (or 1/4tsp) of glycerin and 5g (or 1/4tsp) of molasses. The molasses should NEVER be black strap but a lighter variety. Mix thoroughly with wet fingers taking care to remove any stems

2) Use a vortex, super chief or funnel bowl with a scalli mod and lightly pack leaving about 2-3mm of space from the top of the bowl. If you use a funnel be sure to use a scalli mod and cover it with cooking oil before putting it into the bowl.

3) Using a pin poke a column with 3-4 holes equally spaced and leave about 3/8" between the column.

4) Use natural coals only and make sure they are full lit before smoking. I use 3 pieces of coal but some insist that 4 is needed.

5) Rotate the coals every 3-4 minutes for best results

6) Wait 30+ seconds between draws and either inhale shallowly or not at all. Treat DM like a prized cigar and you'll get the most out of it. NO HOOVERING!
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