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Default Re: I Now Bow Down to Nakhla

Originally Posted by MrFrosty View Post
It is funny how ppl seem to love Nakhla in the States, here in Germany, everybody who is is a passionate smoker, or thinks he knows shit, tends to hate Nakhla. I never had a bowl of Nakhla that was any good, and especially in comparison , I can't understand how anybody would pick Nakhla over Tangiers:P
I always loved nakhla, before i even knew about tangiers and starbuzz and alfakher honestly. I used to love alfakher when i first discovered it but after the changes, oye, they took a turn for the worst.

There was a time I was in a smoking shop in Monterey, Ca. They had tons of hookahs and tobacco and such. Havana, AF, Starbuzz, Pharoahs, HH, and Romman besides the standard Nakhla. The guy there told me nakhla was sort of the cheaper tobacco, where SB and Romman are the higher end.

He was sort of right! But not in quality, in price. Romman was shit and starbuzz is good sometimes, but id pay more for nakhla than i would for SB. The thing is that people see a tin can or a label that says premium, or even just the price and automatically think if it costs more, its better.

I feel this mentality might be the case a lot of times in Germany if what you say seems to be the case Nakhla is inexpensive and honestly a good smoke. You dont need anything but a standard bowl to smoke it, it doesn't need acclimation, it doesnt need an oyster fork to pack, its strong flavor and decent cloudage (which is sadly more important to a lot of people than the former) and isnt soaking wet so your stem isnt covered in a honey/glycerin mix when you are done smoking. Your 250g is fluffed in, so you save on your tobacco since you don't pack it down to add more. You only need the equivalent of 2 CH coals, 3 at the most. Its really too easy and really good.

The people here with the nakhla sig i made, and any of their own nakhla sigs know this and love nakhla's inexpensive simplicity and goodness, this is why we stand by it no matter how much more trendy the other stuff is or how much it costs.

edit: Id also like to point out that some people think that just because they paid 200 bucks for a higher end mya (instead of a superior inexpensive mya) and pay for Epic/Zona juice with tobacco in it, they are having a better experience than others.

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