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Default Re: I Now Bow Down to Nakhla

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
I never did a real photography training mainly because the first class is all B&W and basics which I was able to learn on my own. I got help from pro's and such, but hey I love color too much to avoid it for 3 semesters of photography. Anyhow, I understand the romantic love for film, but I can't help but admit for someone with my lifestyle that digital has made it easier and more practical for a guy like me.
I have yet to work with color film because it's so difficult to find somewhere to work with it in a darkroom around here and the places that you can rent are horrendously priced.
I threw a fit last week when I found out my college wasn't offering an Adv. B&W class this semester because I have already taken the others.
So I'm going to be working with a lot of digital. I still need to learn to do some of the HDR enhancements like you have of your shot down the row of crops.
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