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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
I'd suggest buying a better rig rather then fixing something that is pretty mediocre to begin with. The way I see it is that in a year you'll spend hundreds on shisha and coals so why settle for a QT when you can get a rig for around 50-60?
... Okay... Well I do have a better rig. I use the QT for desktop sessions and solo sessions. If I have friends around I pull out the Mya Vortex. I was just wondering if the adhesive would be safe to apply without any health problems.

Also , I did not want to order one because only a good clean chunk tore off, which was fixable by adhesives. I was just wondering about any chances of the epoxy to affect my sessions/health. And I think charges alot for just a base.. which is also $10-20 on its own I believe. While the epoxy was 2.50
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