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Default shopping for everything...

As the title says, im going to be buying everything ill need to start off and join the club as a hookah owner. Ill have around $200.00 to spend. I know i can get a nice hookah of pretty much what ever id like, but im not sure if thats what i should do. I really want to have a nice selection of different brands, and flavors of shisha. With that known, and based of the experience of everyone on here, would it be better for me to buy something in the price range of something like the bambino, and than buy a bunch of different brands/flavors of shisha and coals with the rest of that money, or should i buy something like a KM around the $100.00 range and get a little less shisha. i plan on enjoying my hookah very often, wich is why i want to get a good amount of shisha.

allso for wich ever choice you choose, could you give a recomendation on what you would choose?
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