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Default Re: I Now Bow Down to Nakhla

Originally Posted by DanyalAkkaya View Post
I want to bow down to nakhla to but so far I burned 2 bowls of mizo peach. I know alot of people will say its my fault because im not packing it right but I pack it exactly how i've been told on my nakhla post. I even got double apple to smoke and not burn, I just don't smoke da anymore because I don't like it (yeah I said it, big whoop, wanna fight about it) lol.

I think it might be a bad batch, I got a package coming from hj with some mandarin, earl grey, margurita. Hopefully those turn out good. But until then I will keep trying.
Too bad you don't live close to me. I'd have you over for a nice bowl of Nakhla peach. That way I could show you first hand how to set up. It's not difficult.

Take your time, never rush.
I use my Egyptian bowl, metal screen, 1 QL (3Kings atm), and wind cover. Add / remove windcover as needed.

The clouds are not enormous, but the flavor is great.

At my age being cynical and sarcastic is just making small talk.
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