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Default New flavor enhancing tip!!!

My apologies if this is not new, but I have never heard of this being done before. OK so last week some time I hadn't smoked hookah for about a 2 weeks and I was really looking forward to smoking again. While thinking of which flavor we would go for this time, a great idea hit me.

I really didn't think it would work, but it did alright. After packing the head drip about 3-5 drips of vanilla essence on the shisha. The taste is amazing!!! We used it with Al Sultan Guave and then with Al Sultan Licorice. It was amazing with both. I also did some reseach and it seems burning vinilla escence doesn't realease any harmful toxins, so it won't make you sick or something...

For even more flavor put some in the water too.

Hope you enjoy it, happy hookahing!
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