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Default Re: Dry iced sheeshaa

Originally Posted by JRGixxerfreaK1 View Post
So? same Co2 used in carbonated drinks etc...
No I will not avoid it Ive playd alot with dry ice :P
I dont inhale dry ice , and Co2 doesnt melt haha it goes directly to gas
and its fun

have a nice day!
Look, I am saying this from the standpoint of someone that works with volatile chemicals on a regular basis. CO2 is dangerous. It has no odor and can be deadly in large amounts. There is a reason your body expels it. If you are using this technique inside you are making a mistake.

I am aware that it does not "melt" but frankly from your style of typing and speech patterns I decided to avoid the use of the word sublimation. I figured it would be a lost cause.

Just because it's used in carbonated drinks does not mean it is safe in high concentrations. Phosphoric acid is a major component in soda as well. that does not mean you should drink straight phosphoric acid.

Take the advice or don't but don't assume it's safe based on such loose information and conjecture.

It only takes a 1% concentration of CO2 to cause poisoning. Considering the amount you seem to be using it would not be a stretch to think that it is of a volume more than 1% of the cubic area the room you are in measures.
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