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Default Re: Natural Coals question

i use CH coals, they are good, different from coconaras a bit (they are more consistent is shape, but lighter, burn a bit cooler but burn longer, light faster but have more smell)

for the price you really cant beat them to much. but since your in the UK it might not be as cheap to get them out there, idk on shipping

as to the lighting method, since its hard to find a coil burner get a camp stove, i have not had good luck with blow torches wince they seem to light the out side and ash them well w/o lighting the inside (to high of heat). if you cant get a stove then try the ch qls they are supposed to be very good for QLs, no flavor (i havent tried them so i cant say for sure). i might grab a box some time this year but i really never need QLs but it might be a good idea to have them as a back up just incase we lose power and just want to smoke right then or go out w/o power or something

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