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Default Re: What bowl should i use?

I hate giving my hookah a good clean after every use, thats one of the main reason i use a vortex/phunnel for wetter shisha's.

A vortex/phunnel does last longer, but if you really calculate it, in a egyptian you can use 10-15 grams and smoke for a hour, and in a phunnel or vortex it takes 25-30 grams of shisha and last about 1.5-2 hours, so relativly it only last longer cause they is more shisha in the bowl.

But due to the hassle of cleaning i prefer to use them, i prefer the phunnel over the vortex, as it last just as long but the bowl gets started a lot quicker.

As for taste in the phunnel and vortex the taste of the shisha does stay constant throughout the session due to no juices dripping down the stem
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