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Default Re: Best Ever Customized Hookah

Hi guys, I glad you like my Hookah.

Let me describe some details of the upgrade.

First, after we have broken the base for about 3-4 times (all bases were like this one now - a special design base ) we've decided to put some plastic protectors on the bottom of the base. The part where the hoses are connected is, by the way, a special designed motor piston. My brother make it up, because the width of the base is wider the regular Hookah' base. In addition, he made extra 3 connections for hoses (so as a whole the are 4 ) with valve inside each of the hoses.

To "t10": Yes, these are garden hosepipes indeed . Once when I was washing the hoses, i noticed that they have started to rust from inside. This is a little disturbing, so we replaced them with garden hosepipes .

I'll post more pictures later today.

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