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Originally Posted by Th3DonDada View Post
The kashmir peach was good but it's just orange soda I'm having a hard time with. Maybe it's because the fork I bought had a big square imprint on the prongs so it made larger holes but it would sometimes rip open the foil when i poke so I have to go through 2-3 sheets of foil. I had a friend sharpen the prongs but the holes it made were smaller and maybe that's why? I should probably go out and buy another fork because they're pretty cheap.

holes over the hole are pretty decent, there's no juice spilling on the top of the foil when poking holes, and the coal isn't really sticking to the foil but the ashes would plug up some holes. I guess Orange Soda and I don't really get along =/
Hmm...if airflow is ok and you aren't overpacking or underpacking then the only thing I can think of is too much heat. I know I use less heat with Tangiers than with Nakhla, Starbuzz (thanks again btw), or AF. Was there a point when it did smoke ok or was it harsh the entire time? It'll probably be more helpful if more seasoned Tangiers smokers can share some of their experience.

I smoked the last of the orange soda not too long ago and it tasted fine from what I recall. I start with 3 CH QLs just to get it started faster and take off one coal when it gets to temperature. If I want to save on coals, I'll start with 2 and a windcover that I'll use on and off. There is "tickle" at first that somewhat goes away ~15-20 minutes into it but the smoke itself isn't harsh like it is when I overheat a bowl (not just Tangiers). That initial tickle can be too much to handle for some of my friends that have never smoked cigarettes or cigars. I'll add the third coal back on later to prolong the session and use 2 QLs for the second round. I start the coals positioned partially on the rim and move them closer towards the center as they put out less heat.

FWIW, I only use 1 layer of regular Reynolds foil wrapped tightly on a small Tangiers phunnel. I used the oyster fork Eric gave me but I get similar results with a pick/o-ring puller that I prefer using because it gives me cleaner holes. I have noticed differences between flavors/batches, ie with the Tangiers I have now, choco mint smokes great but maraschino cherry takes more effort to get right. I don't know if it makes a difference but that orange soda, choco mint, and maraschino cherry were all made by Eric when I got them whereas the Kashmir Peach was prepackaged.
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