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Default Re: What are you suggest me to order??

Originally Posted by Demonix View Post
KM are a higher quality Egyptian hookah than a MZ. An MZ is a less expensive alternative to a KM, from my understanding. I'm used an MZ once, I do not recall which, and I've also used a KM Tri-Metal Pharonie. I'd say that the two are pretty equal.
Personally I prefer the look of the KM because they are a nicer and more flashy hookah in my opinion.
The whole "KMs are higher quality" thing is totaly BS. MZs are known for having much cleaner welds, plus there are no reports of crappy ashtrays or anything like that with MZs. The only thing that is generally better on the KM side of things is the draw is a bit wider.

They are both great brands, dont get me wrong, i just hate it when peopel just generalize and say that MZs arent on par with KMs, because they are.
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