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Originally Posted by Beefycow View Post
I've kinda been wondering what people do to keep their sessions going, cuz for me, I just smoke until the coals are done (around 1 hour). Then I clean out the bowl and put in something new. I use a phunnel and I noticed that there's still quite a bit of good tobacco left at the bottom. I feel like I've been wasting a lot of it. How do I smoke every last bit of it? Thanks for your help guys!
Just start up another round of coals and keep heating the bowl for a longer session. If the session is interrupted, ie you couldn't/didn't want to smoke that long in one sitting, you can try adding coals later to get it going again but that doesn't always work well. It would be better to take off the foil, remove the top layer that has blackened, and add fresh moassel to the top. Replace the foil and then smoke it like you normally would.
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