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Default Re: No Flavor? Help!

Honestly, the only time i can get good flavor out of HH is when i put something in the shisha. For instance, i had HF (same stuff) Peppermint Schnapps, and it was weak. So i added a few drops of peppermint extract to it. Now it is a great strong peppermint flavor. I doubt that they make mocha extract, but im sure that you could put some coffee or something similar in the abse to heighten the flavor. Also, if you have two of the 40mm Akhla coals then it could be too much heat. It may not be burning, but if you have more heat then the flavor will not last as long. Also, be sure to just use room temperature water in your vase. I know that most people like the idea of ice cold water in their vase, but with some weaker shishas, the warmer water will help give you flavor because the smoke will be warmer, hence the particles moving around faster.
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