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Default Re: Wholesale hookah prices?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
depending in quality and brand you are probably looking 50-85% of their retail value (roughly). also remember that things like KMs really only cost 20-45 USD retail over in egypt but the shipping puts a lot on the price and you need to basically fill up a shipping container to get decent rates and at that point you end up with a whole lot of innovatory and need cash to get said innovatory. rough guesses from a really quick google search are putting my my guess at 5-10k for a 40 ft container (its around 8-10 from china to the us) plus the goods inside.

the bigger issue is not the cost you can get but the amount you need to buy followed by how many you can move, doesnt matter if you can get them cheaper and sell them cheaper if no one wants to buy at that point

Also, from what ive heard, KM's quality can vary from hookah to hookah. I think that most vendors go and see them for themselves to choose the ones with clean welds ect. So buying a whole cargo containers worth might mean that only 3/4 of them are in good enough shape to sell at 100% value.
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