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Default Re: ElAshrey Hookah brand

Egypt has a bunch of brands that Westerners never hear about because they are small, family owned businesses that are perfectly happy to make small numbers of narghiles for a very localized market. El Ashrey is a pretty big player in the industry but they don't do much at all in the states. Arabica Sous used to sell them but they pretty much focus on their own Syrian designs and are selling little, if any, stuff in the states as the European market is so much stronger these days.

I'll look around see if I have the contact info for the guy on ebay. But seriously, don't buy stuff on ebay unless you have great personal relationship with the seller and don't try to use paypal for anything smoke related unless you want your bank account frozen or your money to vanish. I've a big article about the pitfalls of ebay floating around here some place so you may want to look that up.
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