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Default Re: seven bowls last night!!!

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
That sort of excess smoking will cause you a lot of troubles so i'd advise against multi-hour sessions. I'd suggest you read:
Again Hajo that is an excellent read.

No offence hookah_connoisseur but smoking high amounts of shisha for such long periods is like signing your own death certificate.

As with any man-made relaxant moderation is the way too go.

Now you have probably seen me buzz all over these forums bubbling about my very first hookah which hopefully will arrive sometime this week. But for all my excitement when it eventually does come I am going to take it with moderation. I won't rip it out of it's packaging and do like a 4 hour session hey I don't even think I will do 1 hour.

I have never tried hookah/shisha in my life and I don't want it to knock me off my feet I want to enjoy the magic of hookah in the best way possible and if that means completing short but relaxing sessions with my hookah then so be it.

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