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Default Re: been gettin alot of headaches recently

Originally Posted by DarkD3vil
so i use to be able to smoke even just 2 and upwards to like 3 a day and not get a headache now i smoke one and its horrible. It started right after i started using exoticas before hand i was using golden quick lights and it was never the issue but now it is. Could it be from too much heat or what ive been using the same tobacco and bowl and hookah for like 5 months now so i know it cant be that. i guess i dont know my head hurts
no no, i get this exact thing.... After i started using these coals. But i never assumed it was the coals at all. But i only usually smoke 1 or 2 bowls in 1 sitting, much more commonly 1.

i used QL coals last night, as a matter of fact, and i didn't notice a headache at all. Golden Lights. I have to say, i think that i think my batch of Exoticas, although burning well and being tasteless, is emitting more CO then my first ever batch.

Wow i wouldn't have noticed this.

Damn i hope my next box is alright...
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