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Default Re: Anyone willing to stand up for shisha?

Oggie 505 said: “I do not oppose it, the only thing I do not like is that 18 and over places should allow smoking, because you are an adult and can chose to go in or not. While a little kid should not be subject to 2nd hand smoke, but usually is if their parents take them to a resturant.”
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Hello Oggie,

A couple of thing should me mentioned in relation to what you have brought up. First, the second hand smoke blather is based upon nothing more then a series literature reviews generated by researchers paid to create anti-tobacco studies via a method called meta-analysis rather then more reliable forms of epidemiological research. What makes the second hand/Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) studies an exercise pseudo-scientific is the blatant Detection Bias (attempting to make the data fit a pre-determined conclusion to put it bluntly) common to those studies in terms of funding, the disposition of the researchers how such studies are promoted. Yet even worse is that the correlation strengths taken from the constituent studies were radically weakened to make a weak appear to public as a drastic public health threat. I’ll post some stuff on the whole ETS hysteria latter today.

Beyond ETS I have noted that the people most prone to bitching about smoking in public are either would be commissar types that hate people doing things they find “social objectionable” or those that find tobacco aesthetically offensive but are too dishonest to say so. The latter sort of anti-smoker will often claim some allergy/bronchial trouble or other malady which demands a smoke free environment. I am not saying that some might have such a medical condition but that most often those claiming such an affliction simply don’t like tobacco smoke. In fact, I heard countless people admitting as much when talking to like minded people over the years.
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