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Hey guys so this is my first post, so I thought I'd do a quick vendor review instead of a lengthy introduction of myself just because my experience with hookahcompany is definitely worth noting.

SHIPPING - 10/10
I placed my order late sunday night, it was shipped via FedEx the next day. It arrived here today, four days later from California to New York, via GROUND, the cheapest, slowest rate possible. I really wasn't expecting it to get here this fast, since it was coming from a substantial distance away, and I've had bad experiences with FedEx in the past. I was pretty worried when I saw the driver had driven away and a slip was on my door, but the package was right below it. It was merely a courtesy note to say that they had left it. Its nice to see that FedEx has finally got their shit together, well done.

PRICE 10/10
I'm a poor college student, so for my first hookah I got myself one of the cheaper 22' inch no-name Egyptians (I'd rather invest in one of those than a toxic cheapo Chinese). The model name was the "Golden Nugget hookah," and it looks beautifully handmade with a lot of floral artistic detail on the stem. Very pleased. I also ordered a package of 30 AF coals, 2 50g's of AF shisha (grape and watermelon), 1 50g package of Fusion red rhino to try it out, and a 50g of saalaam herbal chai just to see if it lives up to the hype. I also got a free 50g of Fusion with my order. The grand total for all of this (with shipping!) came out to about $50 bucks with the discount. Not bad at all!

Selection 9/10
A good selection of coals, hoses, hookahs in ever price range. Pretty good selection of staple shishas, like Nakhla, Al-Fakher, Layalina etc. I just wish their shisha section was expanded a little bit more to include "fun" flavors from brands like hookahhookah and hookahfreak (really wanna try "atomic fireball" and "blueberry pancakes" after Sambooka's reviews.) Only had 4 flavors of saalaam too, but they had the more highly-rated ones, so I'm not worried. Still a solid selection.


Box was stuffed to the brim with packing peanuts, everything arrived intact. Nothing missing. Got a few bonus items I wasn't really expecting, like a vase brush (wish i got a stem brush instead but hey, its free) and some screens and mouth pieces. They probably come standard with new hookahs, but it was a nice surprise anyway. Vase was tightly wrapped in bubblewrap, no damage to anything so far. Here's to keeping my fingers cross that there are no unnoticeable problems during the first smoke outta it.


No complaints, great service, fast shipping. Will order again! I just wish my parents werent such "anti-fun" nazi's, despite the fact that I am over 20 and made a responsible, mature decision in buying my own hookah, they still think that all tobacco or any fun substances are the worst thing ever. They basically acted like I just got a back-alley abortion, pretty much dampened the excitement of getting my first hookah. Oh well but it wasn't's fault, and I will definitely be ordering from them again. I'll just have it shipped to college.
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