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Default Re: Am I Giving Mini Hookahs the Respect They Deserve?

Originally Posted by JillyIsJustKidding
I think the only minis that are actually good are MYA hookah. The other minis like pumpkins and such suck really bad lol. Cuz they have small stems and small bases (less cool down, more harshness) while small MYAS usually have smaller stems but way bigger bases (more room for smoke and more cool down)

tehe I can't wait till I get my mini MYA next time I get my paycheck
+1 on that... My friend has a Mya Diva (13 inch) and it smokes good. I'd say it smokes just as good as any other medium sized hookah. It's also really convenient to carry around and easy to clean up. The only downside is that the glass base is a little thin. But my friend has abused his Diva a lot, even lend it to some friends, and so far it's still in perfect condition.
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