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Default need some help picking flavors and brand

well i got my trimetal yesterday and i have a few questions for you guys that have tried everything under the sun.

i want some good fruity flavors like watermelon and strawberry. i searched around and saw that its hard to find a good brand that really brings out these flavors. i have a lot of shisha right now but most of it is ehh ok. i got a bunch of hh and a few tubs of hf but i want to know what brand you guys would recommend as those oh so tasty brands.

i tried af mango yesterday and it went str8 to the trash cause it tasted like a mango that was still green. af watermelon and strawberry i have dont really have have that much if any taste to them. i know the af grape i have has a very nice taste to it so thats what im looking for. i have some nakhla that i havent tried yet but i want to hear what you guys recommend. thanx
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