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Default I need some help with airtightness

So I was smoking yesterday and at first everything was fine. I decided I wanted to pack a new bowl so I did. Once I started smoking this new bowl I was not able to get good smoke at all.(By the way I tried putting on more coals and that didnt help). I let it go for awhile thinking it would be better later but it didnt so I disassembled my hookah and saw that there wasnt really an airtight seal with the vase and the stem and that the rubber fitting on the bottom of the stem was sliding off and covering the holes which the smoke would be going through. Basically I was wondering how I can fix this and make it airtight againand how I can prevent the rubber fitting from sliding off in the future?

o and by the way at the point I was doing this I had already had a few drinks so i wasnt really being as careful as I should have been.
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