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Default If your Nakhla Sweet Melon is harsh click here :)

ok men and woman for the people who are having problems with there Nakhla sweet melon being to "harsh" on the throat even after you set it up right and everything looks well.

what i found out was that you set up you hookah how you usually do then take 2 large pieces of coal put one on each side and make sure there near the center but not directly on it so theirs still some open holes in the center of the bowl/foil. make sure the coals are on and fully lit i used exoticas finger squares. then you leave them there to sit on the bowl for about 8-10 mins so the bowl can heat up and and the tobacco can cook a little after that take 4-5 puffs it might still be a little harsh but not to harsh. after your 10th puff you'll be smoking as if it was starbuzz. (TIP)= make sure to move the coals around here and there if its still kind of harsh and thats it. it worked for me hopefully it works for you
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