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Default Re: seven bowls last night!!!

Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
Damn, that is a very self destructive attitude. Are you pissed at yourself or life? Honestly I just can't see what's up with coughing up blood and not doing anything differently. I want the most out of life and flaming throat and blood just isn't what I see as living high on the hog.
im living the life of a rock n roll star. what doesnt kill you can only make you stronger. being a pisces, my nature is to be indulgent.

i may never learn to blow smoke rings or french inhale, but id like something to show for, lung cancer, anything, just something to show for all these years of smoking..

i havent met a smoker yet who isnt self destructive. i think self destructive and smoking go hand in hand. i admit it, im not going to deny it. sorry to tell you this hajo, but youre self destructive too.
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